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City of Bloomer

Regular Meeting of the Common Council

1503 Main Street

Bloomer, WI 54724

August 22nd, 2018, 6:00 p.m.

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof a regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Bloomer was called to order on Wednesday, August 22nd, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall, 1503 Main Street – Mayor Steinmetz presiding.

Roll call was taken:  Mayor Steinmetz, Aldermen Meinen, Hofmann, Jones, Koehler, Administrator Frion and Attorney Gustafson were all present 

All present gave pledge to the flag.

Alderman Koehler made a motion to approve the minutes from the August 8th, 2018 regular meeting as presented.  Alderman Jones seconded the motion and all present voted aye. 

Alderman Hofmann made a motion to approve all claims against the City and Utilities as presented.  Alderman Meinen seconded the motion and all present voted aye. The claims were in the amounts listed below:

                                Checks Numbered:                         82693 - 82739

                                General Fund:                                   $   71,435.07

                                Electric Fund:                                    $ 338,736.93

                                Water Fund:                                       $     2,016.25

                                Sewer Fund:                                      $   34,877.46

                                Payroll                                                  $   84,742.26

                                TOTAL                                                   $ 531,807.97

Mark Erickson with Everyday Surveying and Engineering spoke in reference to a possible development between 8th Avenue and 13th Avenue.  Discussion with City staff would need to take place for what the intentions are for the development and where a possible road connection could go to connect 8th and 13th Avenues.

Nick Minford spoke on the process and issuance of land use permits.

Administrator Frion was advised the new A-1 Excavating building completion date has been pushed back slightly; therefore, the Street Department won’t be able to move into their current building in December as originally planned.  Administration Frion provided an update on the environmental study that needs to be completed at the current property that the City is purchasing.

Alderman Meinen encouraged everyone to visit the North Park to see the improvements that have been completed such as the blacktopping and painting of lines on the basketball/tennis/pickleball court and re-painting of the round pavilion. 

Alderman Hofmann stated the driveway going into Witt Park off of Hwy F is starting to break apart and may be in need of repair.

Alderman Jones thanked all those who were involved in making the improvements happen at the North Park. 

Mayor Steinmetz had received an inquiry on the old feed building located in the Industrial Park and if the City had any interest in renting it out for storage.  Steinmetz also commented that he has received a couple inquiries on the status of the ETZ.  The City is still waiting to hear from the Town of Woodmohr.

Motion by Alderman Hofmann to approve Resolution #09-18 Declaring the Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Powers under Wis. Stat. §66.0703 to assess improvements for blacktopping an alley located on Block 2 of Riggs and Rotch’s Addition beginning at Oak Street extending westward 437’ and terminating at Priddy Street.  Alderman Koehler seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Motion by Alderman Hofmann to readopt agenda items 2-14; Ord #17-01 – Amend §8-1-4, Destruction of Noxious Weeds; Ord. #17-02 – Create §7-1-24, Keeping of Chickens; Ord. #17-03 – Amend Sec. §10-1-21, Speed Limits; Ord. #17-04 – Amend Title 7, Chapter 8, Regulation of Nonmetallic Mining or Processing; Ord. #17-05 – Amend §2-2-9, Salaries of the Mayor and Alderpersons; Ord. #17-06 – Amend §2-2-10, Meetings of the Common Council; Ord. #17-07 – Amend §12-1-4(a) & §12-1-4(b), Park hours; Ord. #01-18 – Establishing a Sewer Use and User Charge System; Ord. #02-18 – Amend §10-3-3, Operation of Snowmobiles; Ord. #03-18 – Amend §10-7-3, Operation of ATV and/or UTV in the City; Ord. #04-18 – Amend §7-9-1, Regulation of Music and Dancing; Ord #05-18 – Create §2-4-1(f) and 2-4-1(g), Board of Review; Ord. #06-18 - Create §10-1-49(d), Limited Time Parking Regulations.  Alderman Jones seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The Developer of the Duncan Creek Estates that had recently requested to be annexed into the City has asked that the City wait to send the ordinance, making the annexation complete, to the Department of Administration until the issue of allowing the lots along the east side of 82nd Street to have well and septic is decided.  Ordinance #07-18 will be put on the next agenda for consideration.

Discussion took place on Ordinance #08-18 which would create no parking on the south side of Ivy Street from the intersection of Jackson Street going north 250 ft.  The purpose of the ordinance was to assist the Street Department during the winter when having to plow and remove snow.  The Council had concerns that the need for no parking was maybe only necessary for the winter months when it actually snowed and not year round.  There was discussion on the current snow plow routes.  Alderman Jones requested that the Street Department Manager relook at the current snow plow schedule to see if that can be revised prior to making that area of road no parking.  That area has a heavy amount of traffic because of the schools and should be a main priority to get the roads cleared when school is in session.  Ordinance #08-18 failed due to no motion made.

Motion by Alderman Koehler to approve a temporary Class “B” license to sell fermented malt beverages for the Bloomer Community Club at the Bloomer Fairgrounds September 29th & 30th.  Alderman Jones seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Motion by Alderman Hofmann to approve a live music license for Derek Fest at the Bloomer Fairgrounds September 29th & 30th.  Alderman Jones seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Motion by Alderman Hofmann to approve a license to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicated liquors for Angela Friedeck and Mitchel Johnson.  Alderman Meinen seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Motion by Alderman Meinen to adjourn.  Alderman Jones seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Sandra Frion

City Administrator/Clerk



  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
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