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Bloomer, Wisconsin

July 10, 2013

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof a regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Bloomer was called to order on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall – Mayor Summerfield presiding.

Roll call was taken:  Mayor Summerfield, Alderpersons Meinen, Hofmann, Steinmetz, Koehler, Clerk Stoik and Attorney Thiel.

All present gave pledge to the flag.

Alderperson Hofmann made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting (June 19, 2013) as presented.  Alderperson Meinen seconded the motion.  Alderperson Steinmetz stated the agenda stated May 29, 2013, but they received copies of the June 19, 2013 meeting minutes.  Alderperson Hofmann amended his motion to reflect the proper date of June 19, 2013 and Alderperson Meinen amended this second.  All present voted aye.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to approve all claims against the City and Utilities as presented.  Alderperson Hofmann seconded the motion and all present voted aye. The claims were in the amounts listed below:

                        Checks Numbered:                 64488 - 64751

                        General Fund:                        $  75,396.15

                        Electric Fund:                         $  29,931.55

                        Water Fund:                         $    9,515.61

                        Sewer Fund:                          $  11,330.36

                        Utility Refund:                        $       19.19

                        Payroll:                                 $131,992.46

                        TOTAL                                 $258,185.32


Ralph Charbonneau stated at the June 19, 2013 meeting, the Council approved a roofing contract for city buildings and he works for a company in Eau Claire and they would have liked the opportunity to bid on the project.

Tom Zwiefelhofer requested to speak regarding Item # 9 on the agenda.  The Council granted him permission to speak during the agenda Item #9 to be addressed later in the meeting. He also wanted to make sure his issues were on the next Planning Commission meeting for consideration.  The meeting is scheduled for July 24, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.

Alderperson Hofmann made a motion to approve Preliminary Resolution 1110 Declaring Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Police Power under Section 66.0703, Wis. Stats for 8th Avenue from Ivy Street east approximately 950 feet.  Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Koehler made a motion to approve the low bid for the 2013 8th Avenue Reconstruction to the low bidder A-1 Excavating for $83,360 as recommend by Short, Elliott and Hendrickson.  Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Tom Zwiefelhofer, spokesman for the property owned at 1916 17th Avenue presented the Council chronological documents concerning issues with the Planning Commission and Common Council.  He feels these issues should have been cleared up months ago.  He thanked the three council members who viewed the property and their issues.  He feels they were able to see the family’s frustration regarding the construction along their property.  The documents presented were:

            Petition to Planning Commission regarding fence – dated 10/8/12

            Letter to Common Council regarding agreement – dated 11/28/12

            Letter Amendment regarding type of fence – dated 04/05/13

            Ordinance 04-01-Amendment to Zoning – dated 07/28/04

            Council minutes referring to fence, etc. – Not dated

He spoke regarding buffer zones, setbacks and structures.  He met with the excavator and the general contractor the beginning day of construction.  He spoke of his meetings with Mr. Dennis Schwab and representatives of McDonalds.  He expressed his frustration over documents not being forwarded to the Council.  He feels the buffer zone shall be maintained and a light fixture does not belong in the buffer zone.  It also gives off too much light. He feels safety is important to maintaining their property along commercially zoned property.  He stated:

            There never was a formal agreement between the two parties.

            No money was exchanged.

            Mr. Schwab and McDonalds knew the rules prior to concrete being poured.

            They worked with Mr. Schwab for over 9 months and could not resolve the issues.

            He believes the light fixture was not on the original plans.

Mayor Summerfield clarified that as Mayor he does not make decisions.  He feels he has been put in the middle of this situation.  He thought a deal could be made between the two parties.  Tony Rubenzer, Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator has determined that a light fixture is not considered a structure.  Attorney William Thiel explained the ordinances regarding the rezoning of the property back in 2004 and the current ordinances regarding buffer zones, structures, set-backs and lighting.  Outdoor lighting can be placed within three feet of the lot line.  Ordinance 13-1-200(K) – “Outdoor lighting installations shall not be permitted closer than three (3) feet to an abutting property line and, where not specifically otherwise regulated, shall not exceed fifteen (15) feet in height and shall be adequately shielded or hooded so that no excessive glare or illumination is cast upon the adjoining properties and shall not register more than one-half foot candles at the property line.” More discussion was held regarding buffer zones, structures and light fixtures.  They also discussed how threes sides of the property have been landscaped, except the area abutting the Zwiefelhofer property.  Discussion about what type of fence would be installed.  The fence issue will be on the agenda for the Planning Commission and Council on July 24, 2013.  No action was taken.

Alderperson Meinen made a motion to approve changing the date of the August 14, 2013 meeting to August 7, 2013. Alderperson Koehler seconded the motion and all present voted aye. Alderperson Steinmetz stated he may have a conflict with the August 28th meeting.  He may request changing the date of the meeting.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to approve the applications for a license to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors for the following listed below as approved by Police Chief Jared Zwiefelhofer.  Chief Zwiefelhofer did state that 2 of the applicants were over on the point system and both had hearings before the Council in the past.  Neither have had any violations after their initial hearings.  Alderperson Hofmann seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Erica A. Olson

Wesley M. Prince

Denise A. Schwartz

Heidi M. Denning

Shannon R. Zwiefelhofer

Carly J. Rufledt

Allie C Rufledt

Matthew L. Bowe

Melynda J. Maidment

Donald L. Steinmetz

William H. Schmidt

Kathy A. Cournoyer

Alicia A. Calkins

Sherell L. Dillahay

Julie M. Powell

Heidi R. Morning

Catherine M. Yohnk

Scott F. Koehler

Joseph B. Lewis

Patricia L. Harris

Robert J. Gerke

Linda M. Wildenberg

Stephanie L. Farrington

Nicole L. Anderson

Alexis C. Thome

Stephanie K. Bowe

Mary B. Edmondson

Noah M. Wurzer

Derek J. Decker

Roxanne E. Zwiefelhofer

Rochelle E. North

Stephanie J. Molde

Randy J. Rihn

Steven W. Schmidt

Norbert J. Bischel

Valerie R. Miller



Michael Meindel, Street, Water & Sewer Administrator reported the construction on 8th Avenue will start on July 22, 2013.

Police Chief Zwiefelhofer – had no comments.

Peter Paulson, Electric Administrator was not present.


Alderperson Koehler requested Mr. Dennis Schwab attend the next Planning Commission meeting.  His lack of participation in the meetings has allowed the Council to only hear one side of the story.  Mayor Summerfield suggested Alderperson Koehler should call Mr. Schwab, but he would pass on his comment.

Alderperson Hofmann - no comments.

Alderperson Steinmetz questioned when the Council had to respond to attend the Joint Area Meeting.  The RSVP date is July 25, 2013.

Alderperson Meinen thanked Mr. Meindel and Chief Zwiefelhofer for their efforts in removing the tree at the corner of Martin Road and 17th Avenue.


Mayor Summerfield questioned Alderperson Koehler regarding the Golf Course Committee meeting.  Alderperson Koehler responded they would be receiving a letter from him.  Mayor Summerfield also commented the 8th Avenue Reconstruction project bid came in substantially under budget.  The City will have some street costs, but in the end, the City should come well under budget.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to go into closed session under Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1) (c) as read by Mayor Summerfield.  Alderperson Koehler seconded the motion and a roll call vote was taken:  Alderperson Meinen, aye; Hofmann, aye; Steinmetz, aye; Koehler, aye.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to come out of closed session and report on action taken.  Alderperson Koehler seconded the motion and all present voted aye. No action was taken.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Alderperson Hofmann seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

                                                                        Sue A. Stoik, CMC/WCMC

                                                                        City Clerk

  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
Email Us: sstoik@ci.bloomer.wi.us
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