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City of Bloomer

Regular Meeting of the Common Council

1503 Main Street

Bloomer, WI 54724

July 26, 2017, 6:00 p.m.

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof a regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Bloomer was called to order on Wednesday, July 26 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall, 1503 Main Street - Mayor Steinmetz presiding.

Roll call was taken:  Mayor Steinmetz, Aldermen Meinen, Hofmann, Koehler, Jones, Administrator Frion were all present.  Attorney Gustafson was absent.

All present gave pledge to the flag.

Alderman Jones made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting (July 12, 2017 regular meeting) as presented.  Alderman Koehler seconded the motion and all present voted aye. 

Alderman Hofmann made a motion to approve all claims against the City and Utilities as presented.  Alderman Meinen seconded the motion and all present voted aye. The claims were in the amounts listed below:

                            Checks Numbered:                       79264 - 79395

                             General Fund:                               $    41,091.60 

                             Electric Fund:                                $  297,193.83

                             Water Fund:                                 $      5,570.69          

                             Sewer Fund:                                 $      2,708.45

                             Payroll:                                        $    74,014.88 

                             TOTAL                                          $  420,579.45

Jessica Reischel commented that she has a total of 8 small libraries; 2 which she has purchased and 6 that were donated from PMI.  The high school summer school students assisted with painting the libraries.  Reischel would like to get at least 3 installed right away.  The libraries will be added to the parks as well.   Reischel would like to have a grand opening sometime in September.

Chief Zwiefelhofer stated that the fundraising donations for the K-9 Program have been excellent.  The Department is looking to raise around $25,000.

Administrator Frion stated that the pre-construction meeting for the sludge thickener project was held on Tuesday.  There is currently some behind the scenes work with plans and specs taking place.  The tank should be delivered sometime in October.  The completion date is set for March, 2018.  As part of the Clean Water Fund, the City received a $30,000 grant which can be used towards Sewer Treatment Plant efficiencies.  Frion would like to see some of those funds be used for a Fiscal Sustainability Report along with a study to evaluate tertiary treatment alternatives for phosphorus.  Frion also stated that the sewer use ordinance is also being reviewed at this time and hope to bring a final product in August.

Mayor Steinmetz, Administrator Frion and Alderman Hofmann met with Brian Misfeldt, the new Superintendent of Bloomer School District, for an informal meet and greet on Monday.

Alderman Hofmann made a motion to approve the quote of $850 from Daniel Pecha to repaint the ceiling of the round pavilion.  Alderman Jones seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Alderman Meinen spoke in reference to the quotes for repaving the tennis/basketball courts in North Park stating that he isn’t looking for approval just yet.  He is waiting on one more quote from the County.  Alderman Koehler also recommended getting a quote from Monarch Paving.  Meinen would like to see where the budget is at the end of the month.  If the project is not completed this year, he wants to make sure the funds are still available for next year.

Alderman Hofmann made a motion for the Common Council to convene into closed session as authorized by Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(e) for “Deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session”. (Discussion on sale of property within North Industrial Park).   Alderman Koehler seconded the motion.   Alderman Meinen –aye, Alderman Hofmann-aye, Alderman Jones-aye, Alderman Koehler-aye.

Alderman Meinen made a motion to reconvene to open session.  Alderman Jones seconded the motion.  – Alderman Meinen-aye, Alderman Hofmann-aye, Alderman Jones-aye, Alderman Koehler-aye. No action was taken.

Alderman Koehler made a motion to adjourn.   Alderman Hofmann seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Sandra Frion

City Clerk



  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
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