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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Bloomer, Wisconsin
MARCH 28, 2011

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof a joint meeting of the City of Bloomer, area Towns and Village was held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 28, 2011 at the Fire Hall – Mayor Summerfield presiding.

The following members were present: City of Bloomer: Mayor Summerfield, Alderpersons Meinen, Hofmann, Steinmetz, Koehler,Village of New Auburn (2), Town of Auburn (2), Town of Bloomer (2), Town of Cleveland (2), Town of Cooks Valley (2), Town of Eagle Point (2), Town of Sampson (1), Town of Tilden (1) and Town of Woodmohr (2).

Mayor Summerfield asked for a moment of silence for Vernon Kellen, past Chairman of the Town of Bloomer who recently passed away after many dedicated years of service.


Jennifer Sobotta, Administrator/Adm. Asst. reported that she had a draft of the Policy and Procedure book for review by any members of the Board. She had a few loose ends to tie up with the police department regarding protocols. She had also completed the Procedure book in regards to her position and felt if was very comprehensive and anyone could fill in for her in her absence.

Ms. Sobotta also reported that a majority of the EMT’s had completed the retraining for basic as required every two years. A few would be completing it with other departments they work with. She expected their certifications soon.

The current AED’s used by the department have exceeded their life expectancy. The Board had approved $10,000 in the budget last fall to replace. She found a low bid of $9,538.20. They would also be purchasing in conjunction with the First Responders. They would all be compatible. Town of Tilden will also be participating in the purchase for their department. She estimated the purchase price to be 40% off of list price.

Two new EMT’s have completed orientation with the service. There is another one in the process of completing the training. Ms. Sobotta stated she was excited that they almost had a full roster. She also had some considering the training.

Ms. Sobotta was requesting permission to attend EMS Leadership Academy held at the Tomah Medical Center hosted by Wisconsin Office of Rural Health on May 14 & 15, 2011. The training is offered to leaders of ambulance services. There is no registration fee for the course. She is requesting one night lodging, mileage and meals for the training – not to exceed $300.

Louis Revoir, Town of Woodmohr reviewed the minutes from the fall meeting stating the motion to appoint Jennifer Sobotta was dependent upon a review in the spring of 2011. Mayor Summerfield questioned how the board would like to handle the review. Paul Scheidecker, Town of Auburn questioned the transfers allowed by the service. Ms. Sobotta stated that they were doing BLS transfers at this time. They do have State approval for their Operational Plan and it has been signed off by Dr. Beuning. The hospital was in review concerning the ALS transfers. Eugene Lueck, Town of Bloomer questioned if the billing issues had been resolved. Ms. Sobotta responded that there were a few minor issues with the billing company, but nothing huge. Louis Revoir also questioned time she was spending do Administrative work vs. Administrative Assistant work. She responded how many hours she spent doing various work. She did not have it broke down between the two positions. Mayor Summerfield questioned if they wanted a committee of 3 or 4 to review.

Eugene Lueck, Town of Bloomer made a motion to retain Jennifer Sobotta as Administrator/ Administrator Assistant as it is being handled presently. Charles Carrell, Town of Cleveland seconded the motion. Discussion was held. Dave Clements questioned Ms. Sobotta if she was willing to continue with the position. She stated some of the goals she would like to complete in the next year and stated she is willing to continue in the position. Kevin Meinen, City of Bloomer requested the Board to have Ms. Sobotta submit a resume for the position as they had never seen anything prior to the fall meeting. Vote on the Motion: All present voted aye.

Jerry Johnson, Town of Woodmohr made a motion to approve Jennifer Sobotta to attend the EMS Leadership Academy in Tomah on May 14 & 15, 2011 at a not to exceed price of $300. Dave Clements, Town of Cooks Valley seconded the motion. Discussion was held. Eugene Lueck, Town of Bloomer stated that all the trainings he had attended were a great learning tool. Jerry Johnson, Town of Woodmohr questioned where we stood with the State of Wisconsin. Ms. Sobotta stated that there were no issues with the license we currently hold for BLS transfers. She also reported that the main contact at the State was retiring. The service was never licensed for the ALS transfers and probably never would be. Vote on the Motion: All present voted aye.


Quotes were received from Zoll for compatible AED’s to the units with the ambulance. This was approved at the fall meeting. They also received quotes from two different suppliers for radios and pagers. They are working with them to seek the best deal. Ms. Sobotta also presented a draft of a contract with the municipalities participating in the program. She stated a subcommittee had previously met and had presented this to the board. No action had been taken. She would like the Board to formally adopt an agreement. They did review and requested a few changes. Gary Yakesh, Town of Cooks Valley made a motion to approve the agreement with changes to include the 2010 census information and section 7 (c) to change from 5 years to 10 years. Eugene Lueck, Town of Bloomer seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Matt Meinen, President of the organization reported on his active First Responder roster and the list for each municipality.


Fire Chief Brian Bleskacek stated that they purchased the ladder truck from Eagle River. They have not officially used it at any fires yet, but did bring it to an apartment fire in the downtown area. The funds were paid in January 2011 to Eagle River.

Discussion was held on the possibility of selling the 1963 Ford – Engine #3. Chief Bleskacek stated in the past it was kept for a backup and decreased insurance costs. They do not use it. The new ladder truck has a larger capacity pumping capabilities then Engine #3. It currently has less than 30,000 miles. Louis Revoir, Town of Woodmohr made a motion to approve Chief Brian Bleskacek to sell Engine #3 to the best bidder. Gary Yakesh, Town of Cooks Valley seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Chief Bleskacek requested authorization to start the specifications and bidding process for a new engine. It was decided at a previous meeting that the purchase would not take place until 2013. Chief Bleskacek feels it’s a buyers market right now and thought they could get favorable bids in 2012. Doing it now doesn’t commit the Board to purchasing in 2012, but gives them options to look at. Jim Koehler, City of Bloomer requested comparable specs that more than one company can bid on. Chief Bleskacek stated he would keep the specs as basic as possible to allow multiple bidders. Gary Yakesh questioned who will draft the specs. Chief Bleskacek responded that he has a committee. Louis Revoir questioned future maintenance of the engine. Jim Koehler, City of Bloomer made a motion to approve the bidding process for a new engine for the Fire Department. Jerry Johnson, Town of Woodmohr seconded the motion and all present voted aye.


David Lambert, Street Leadman presented a tonnage report for recycling in 2010. He reported volumes and revenues were up. His biggest increase has been in wire. He also reported a small profit for 2010. He stated that as of 3-1-11, they had a drop off box at the center for electronic waste and there were no charges for residential customers. There is a small charge for businesses. Discussion was held regarding the state’s budget repair bill. The first release was to cut funding for recycling. There has been some discussion at the state level to restore funding, but nothing has been passed yet. The Clerk will send a letter from the Board requesting state funding to continue for recycling in the future. Discussion was held on educating residents to use the center and that recycling is required. Eugene Lueck, Town of Bloomer questioned if they could pay to have mattresses and springs taken to the center. Currently, the center only accepts these materials from city residents. Mr. Lambert will check into costs and implementation and will report back at a future meeting.

Louis Revoir, Town of Woodmohr made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jerry Johnson, Town of Woodmohr seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Sue A. Stoik, CMC/WCMC
City Clerk

  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
Email Us: sstoik@ci.bloomer.wi.us
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