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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Bloomer, Wisconsin
MARCH 29, 2010

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof a joint meeting of the City of Bloomer, area Towns and Village was held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 29, 2010 at the Fire Hall – Mayor Thur presiding.

The following members were present:  Mayor Thur, Alderpersons Young, Hofmann, Koehler, Village of New Auburn (1), Town of Auburn (1), Town of Bloomer (3), Town of Cleveland (2), Town of Cooks Valley (3), Town of Eagle Point (3), Town of Sampson (1), Town of Tilden (1) and Town of Woodmohr (3).  Alderperson Steinmetz was absent.


Mayor Thur introduced Nikki Symons, BLS State Program Coordinator.  She had just met with some of the ambulance staff and Dr. Beuning.  She said that they are getting the operational plan in and everything will be resolved soon.  Brandi Ronnestrand, administrative assistant should have the plan in the end of this week.  Dr. Beuning thanked Ms. Symons, said the ambulance association is doing a great job and he is happy to be a part of the great service.  Dr. Larson spoke on the importance of having our ambulance service.  He spoke about our fast response time and said that our ambulance service has worked hard to improve the service and quality of care.  BLS will be reinstated soon after our operational plan is submitted.  They have no definite time frame as to when the ALS will be reinstated, but Dr. Beuning said it could be 6 months as to when this agreement would be reached.

No action was taken concerning possible changes being made to the ambulance contract to add First Responders. Tom Muhlenbeck, Ambulance Administrator and Brandi Ronnestrand, Ambulance Administrative Assistant had not been involved with this, therefore no action was taken at this time.

The members reviewed the 2008 & 2009 wages/salaries paid to EMT’s. The on call rate is $2.70 per hour and when responding to a call they are paid $16.00 per hour.  Alderperson Young said there is 17,520 hours of call time for the ambulance in a year since they staff 2 EMT’s at all times.  Mr. Muhlenbeck gave an overview of the 2009 ambulance runs.  The ambulance had 696 chargeable runs.  He had a breakdown per City/towns/Village.

Mr. Muhlenbeck, Ambulance Administrator reported that the delivery date for the new ambulance is July 2010.  He asked for an additional $5000 for equipment to stock the new ambulance. They would like to use funds from the equipment fund for this purchase.  Currently the building/equipment fund is at $20760.  The profit from 2009 has not yet been determined.  Ms. Ronnestrand is estimating the 2009 profit to be about $31000, but will get an exact figure from the City Clerk when it is determined. They need to update two defibrillators with an estimated cost around $15000 each.  They have an AED to put in the 3rd ambulance.   Mike Sedlacek, Town of Eagle Point, made a motion to approve funds, not to exceed $25000 for purchase of equipment out of the equipment fund.  Eugene Lueck, Town of Bloomer seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

When on football standby, we currently charge for the EMT’s wages.  In 2009 we billed $1888.  It was discussed whether we should reduce these fees.  After much discussion, it was decided that the fees would remain the same.

Louie Revoir, Town of Woodmohr made a motion to approve purchase of 1 pair of EMS pants per EMT and 1 high visibility coat for each EMT that currently does not have one out of the FAP fund for a not to exceed price of $4000.  Vern Kellen, Town of Bloomer seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Mr. Muhlenbeck reported that they have set up a committee to update all of the ambulance policies and should have a revised copy available for everyone when the policies are in place.  After the polices are in place, ambulance personal would like to take an EVOC driving course at the CVTC.  They would like to take the money out of the FAP fund.  It was also discussed that some of the First Responders may be interested in taking the course.  Police Chief Carr said that CVTC said that funds may be available through our insurance company to help pay for the course.  No action was taken.

Mayor Thur requested tabling action on the process of payment/reimbursement of the Bloomer Area 1st Responder program since not enough information is available at this time.   A committee was formed consisting of Eugene Lueck and Vern Kellen(Town of Bloomer), Everett Larson(Town of Cleveland), Luke Bowe (Town of Tilden) and Tom Muhlenbeck (Ambulance Administrator) to review and bring ideas back to the September 2010 meeting.

Matt Meinen, President of the Bloomer First Responder’s spoke to the Board.  He reported that they currently have 17 first responders.  He would like to have the committee consider the following items for next year and will discuss it at the September 2010 meeting:

  • Replace some of the defibrillators
  • Purchase a couple of pulse ox
  • Provide education for First Responders
  • More radios and pager


The Bloomer Fire Department received a $2500 donation from the John E. Kuenzi Foundation, Inc.  They are using the funds to purchase the following:

            Ladder rack for rescue truck - $300
            Back Window for Ranger 4X4 - $640
            Lights for ladder rack – donated
            Generator for rescue truck - $1100
            Tool box - $100

Fire Chief Bleskacek reported that Chippewa Fire District wants to sell us their 1977 - 100 ft. ladder truck that we have been storing.   It would need to be inspected for $650. Gary Yakesh, Town of Cooks Valley made a motion to get the truck inspected for $650, allow Fire Chief Bleskacek to purchase the truck for $4,000 and spend up to $2,000 in repairs if necessary.  Jerry Johnson, Town of Woodmohr seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

The Fire Chief updated the council concerning the replacing of the Engine/pumper in 2013.  He gave pricing as to what is available today – which he found 2007 demo’s for $392,000 each.  The Chief also inspected a 2011 for $425,000.  In 2013, for budgeting purposes, he feels that $500,000 is the amount that will be needed to buy the Engine/pumper.

MABAS – Mutual Aid Alarm System are the systems that fire departments are going to since 911 and just recently came to Wisconsin.  Chippewa County is considering going to this system. This system will simplify the Fire Chief’s job and dispatching job.   They would set up predetermined requests for mutual aid based on the place of the fire and the type of fire. Each township would need to sign an agreement.  Currently we only have one mutual aid agreement for fire.  Alderperson Young made a motion to pursue   with the MABAS – Mutual Aid Alarm System.  Louie Revoir, Town of Woodmohr seconded the motion and all present voted aye.


David Lambert reported that last year we again increased our volumes at the Recycle Center.  The total recycling expense for 2009 was $74,552, which 51% came from state aid, 33 % came from the revenue earned from the recyclables.  The revenue earned in 2009 was down giving us an approximate loss of $17,000.  This was due to the prices being down in 2009.  Mr. Lambert explained the new law of E-Waste that comes in effect in September 2010 where we will need to recycle electronic devices.  We currently recycle most of the products, but will need to begin recycling televisions, VCR players, DVD players and video players which we currently landfill.  The cost to recycle them will increase in which we will need to decide how to cover the cost.

Vern Kellen, Town of Bloomer made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Alderperson Koehler seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Debora LaGesse
Deputy Clerk

  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
Email Us: sstoik@ci.bloomer.wi.us
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