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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Bloomer, Wisconsin
MARCH 9, 2011

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof a regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Bloomer was called to order on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall – Mayor Summerfield presiding at Bloomer Middle School – 600 Jackson Street.

Roll call was taken: Mayor Summerfield, Alderpersons Meinen, Hofmann, Steinmetz, Koehler, Clerk Stoik and Attorney Thiel.

All present gave pledge to the flag.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting (February 23, 2011) as presented. Alderperson Meinen seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Koehler made a motion to approve all claims against the City and Utilities as presented. Alderperson Meinen seconded the motion. The claims were in the amounts listed below:

Checks Numbered: 56051- 56191
General Fund $ 57,149.06
Electric Fund $ 8,485.64
Water Fund $ 9,861.57
Sewer Fund $ 13,064.55
Payroll $ 60,119.63
TOTAL $ 148,680.45

Mayor Summerfield commented before audience comments he wanted to clear up some of the mistruths and rumors. He updated those present with the process so far with Preferred Sands. He is very concerned about health and safety, environmental issues and noise. He informed them of that upfront. After the February 24th informational meeting he was approached by Dave West from Bloomer Plastics and was told that Mr. West would get in contact with representatives of Preferred Sands to talk. After a week, it was determined that Bloomer Plastics would not meet with them. Preferred Sands then contacted the City and withdrew from any further negotiations with City. They will continue to look for a site in the surrounding area.

The Common Council agreed with Mayor Summerfield to remove Item # 7 from the agenda.


Dr. Tim Peterson stated it wasn't just about Bloomer Plastics. He was more concerned with the health problems associated with sand. People don't want to be around it. He stated some information from the air permit from them in Nebraska. The permit allowed 149 tons of particle matter per year. This can cause damage deep in the lungs, cancer, emphysema and severe lung damage. He is relieved that Preferred Sands has withdrawn. He felt this issue was resolved back in July when they first applied. He doesn't want to see this happen in the next 6 months. He asked the Council to pass a resolution to no longer allow negotiations with any sand companies in the future. Attorney Thiel stated that could not be done. They could not bind future Councils.

Dr. Ron Peterson stated he does not want this issue to come again either. He stated problems with the resin process with sand. He would like to know more about the formula. It involves toxic chemicals. Storage is a problem. It could leak into an adjoining stream and then into the lake and then trout stream. An adjoining property owner of his office had a leak this past summer and could have caused many problems. The resin process uses many chemicals and massive heat. An explosion could occur. He talked about smells from different types of factories. He doesn't want the resin chemicals in our town.

David Reischel stated he had spoke at the informational meeting and was in favor of jobs. He has reviewed the information since the meeting and feels it should be located next to the mining site.

Mark Ruff apologized to Alderperson Hofmann for spelling his name incorrectly in an ad he had placed in last week's newspaper. He also apologized to Kevin Meinen about not being at the informational meeting. He did not know that he had family obligations that night. He stated he would like to meet with Mayor Summerfield again. He knows the City has some tough financial issues to resolve in the coming years with the TIF district. He stated that everyone has learned more regarding the sand issues. This area is beautiful. He sells his products and does marketing based on this. The City needs to maintain existing businesses and work together with the City to attract new businesses to this area.

Heather Andersen stated that she had viewed a news item on February 26th that stated the City would be the watch dog over Preferred Sands. She stated the DNR has no rules in Wisconsin. Other states have enacted regulations. She doesn't want it here. She urged everyone present to educate themselves. Get people to step up.

Bill Hable stated he wanted to clarify that there are dust regulations in Wisconsin. He is not in favor of sand plants in the City. But, they are here and they are going to be here a long time. He thought Preferred Sands did a good job at the informational meeting. He also spoke about the process currently in New Auburn. He doesn't think what they are doing is legal. He stated that the farmers are going to sell the sand on their lands. There are regulations.

Mayor Summerfield requested that they would take a 2 minute break to allow anyone to leave unless they wanted to stay for the rest of the meeting. Someone in the crowd requested action on the agenda item. Mayor Summerfield stated that no council member was going to make a motion; therefore it was a mute point. No action was taken.

Sean Lentz from Ehlers presented the Sale Report from a bond issue earlier in the day. The bonds were being issued pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes, Section 67.04 for public purposes, including funding of 2011 street projects and effecting a current refunding of the 2011 through 2021 maturies of the $1,755,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 2002, dated March 1, 2002. The City recently participated in an updated bond rating with Moody's Investors Service and received an "A1" rating. This was very good when they received bids and received an overall interest rate of 2.6030%. This will result in a savings of $93,787.

Alderperson Meinen made a motion to approve Resolution 1088 – Providing for the Issuance, Sale and Delivery of $1,755,000 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2011A of the City of Bloomer, Wisconsin; Establishing the Terms and Conditions Therefor; Directing Their Execution and Delivery; Creating a Debt Service Account Therefor; and Awarding the Sale Thereof. Alderperson Hofmann seconded the motion and a roll call vote was taken: Alderperson Koehler, aye; Steinmetz, aye; Meinen, aye; Hofmann, aye.

Discussion was held regarding a retirement letter received from Police Chief Richard Carr effective April 1, 2011. He recently broke his ankle and is on sick leave. He will not be able to return to work for 4 to 6 weeks. Police Commission Chairman Hudacek will arrange with Carr to terminate his working relationship with the City of Bloomer.

Discussion was held with Jim Hudacek and Jim Vail, members of the Police Commission regarding the recruitment process for hiring a new Police Chief. The process took approximately 3 months to hire the last Chief. Discussion was held with the Council members if the position needed to be filled immediately. If they wait 6 months, they could regain some the funds used to pay attorneys in the recent fillings against the Chief. They are currently $38,000 over budget. At the present time, Officer Kevin Zwiefelhofer is the Officer in Charge. He may be interested in the position, and would like a period of time to try out the position. Mr. Hudacek stated that other officers have stepped forward and are taking on additional job duties to make the department run efficiently. Mayor Summerfield stated that Jim Hudacek and he have been meeting on a weekly basis with Officer Zwiefelhofer to review the day to day operations of the police department. Alderperson Koehler questioned if Officer Zwiefelhofer would be compensated for being Officer in Charge. Mayor Summerfield stated that this would be on the next agenda for consideration.

Discussion was held regarding hiring an attorney to represent the Police Commission during the hiring process for a new Police Chief. Mayor Summerfield questioned if they needed to hire a separate attorney. Attorney Thiel stated he would be able to represent the Commission during the process and it would not be a conflict of interest. The Council is in favor of the Commission using Attorney Thiel if needed during the hiring process.

Mayor Summerfield stated the next agenda item did not need to be acted on. With Police Chief Carr presently on sick leave, his comp time was no longer an issue. No action was taken by the Council.

Alderperson Hofmann made a motion to approve selling the 2005 Impala police squad to the highest bidder Jeff Nelson, 2211 Freeway Drive for $3,500. Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Koehler made a motion to approve purchase & installation of a wastewater pump for $13,679 from the Equipment Replacement fund for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Hofmann made a motion to approve the resignation of Julie Anderl as the City's Prosecuting Attorney effective April 30, 2011. Alderperson Meinen seconded the motion and all present voted aye. Mayor Summerfield stated that Andrea Nodolf was present at the meeting. He invited her to introduce herself to the Council. She currently works part-time for Rusk County and Kostner, Kostner & Summerfield. She is very interested in working for the City of Bloomer. It was determined that the regular appointments take place on April 20th at the organizational meeting. The appointment will take place at that meeting. The Council directed the Clerk to post an ad for solicitation of names for the position.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to approve applications for licenses to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors to the following listed below pending approval from Officer In Charge Zwiefelhofer. Alderperson Koehler seconded the motion and all present voted aye.
Bryan T. Wurzer
Lori L. Young-Zugier
Shiela J. McMillan


Police Chief Rick Carr – sick leave.

Peter Paulson – no comments.

Michael Meindel, Street, Water & Sewer Administrator – no comments.

Fire Chief Bleskacek questioned an agenda item that was left off this agenda. He had proposed replacing the lights in the fire hall. Mayor Summerfield stated he would comment on this during Mayor's comments.


Alderperson Koehler – no comments.

Alderperson Steinmetz – no comments.

Alderperson Meinen stated that he felt the City should stay out of the sand business.

Alderperson Hofmann – no comments.


Mayor Summerfield stated that he had met with Peter Paulson, Electric Administrator and determined that the Bloomer Electric could install the lights at the fire hall at a price lower than the quote received by Fire Chief Bleskacek. Because the quote was under $5,000, Mayor Summerfield will direct the Electric Department to proceed with the installation. Fire Chief Bleskacek questioned if this was legal. Attorney Thiel responded that it was only quotes and not a bidding procedure to have the work performed. If the City can do the job cheaper, they could perform the job on a city owned building. Fire Chief Bleskacek stated that when the job was completed, he didn't want a bigger bill than the quoted $4800 price. Attorney Thiel stated this was perfectly legal to proceed with city employees doing the job. Mayor Summerfield also commented that he and staff had met with Kate Ludwigson concerning the city employees health insurance plan. The current renewal was 21.5% and 172% loss ratio. They would be presenting it to the employees on March 15th and hoped it could be bargained reasonably with the employees.

Alderperson Koehler made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Sue A. Stoik, CMC/WCMC
City Clerk

  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
Email Us: sstoik@ci.bloomer.wi.us
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