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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Bloomer, Wisconsin
SEPTEMBER 22, 2010

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof a regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Bloomer was called to order on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall – Mayor Summerfield presiding. Roll call was taken: Mayor Summerfield, Alderpersons Meinen, Hofmann, Steinmetz, Koehler, Deputy Clerk LaGesse and Attorney Thiel.

All present gave pledge to the flag.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting (September 8, 2010) as presented. Alderperson Hofmann seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Koehler made a motion to approve all claims against the City & Utilities as presented. Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye. The claims were in the amounts listed below.

Checks Numbered: 54292 – 54420
General Fund $ 61,856.47
Electric Fund $ 323,869.73
Water Fund $ 856.40
Sewer Fund $ 14,051.13
Payroll $ 76,530.07
TOTAL $ 477,163.80


Carl Miller, speaking on behalf of Brenda Heagle who owns property at 1703 Priddy Street, has concerns about the no parking signs posted in front of her house. Currently no one is able to park on 17th Avenue 24 hours per day – 7 days per week with 2 hour parking on Priddy Street. They feel that parking should be allowed after school is done each day.

Chippewa County Sheriff James Kowalczyk was present and spoke about his past experience and will be on the ballot in November running for another term as sheriff.

John Beckfield, Project Engineer from Short Elliot & Hendrickson updated the council about the Priddy Street Bridge which is scheduled for replacement in 2011. He displayed the design of the construction plan and explained the project. The bidding will be on March 8, 2011 and the project will take approximately 2 ½ - 3 months. The DOT will cost share the project 80/20.

Discussion was held regarding a possible ordinance authorizing the use of all-terrain vehicles on city streets for snow removal. The council reviewed a sample from the Village of Palmyra. Police Chief Carr felt it was a good ordinance and had no objections. Alderperson Koehler stated that he felt the age requirement should be 16 years old with a valid ATV certificate. Alderperson Koehler made a motion to approve the ordinance with the age change. Alderperson Hofmann seconded the motion and all present voted aye. Attorney Thiel will draft the ordinance.

No action was taken with MEUW regarding Regional Safety Management Program. Electric Administrator, Pete Paulson was absent so this will be on a future agenda.

Discussion was held regarding parking on 17th Avenue. Police Chief Carr stated that the parking is much better than before. We still have some congestion on Priddy Street but the visibility is better and it is safer for the children. He feels that we need to allow the committee that was set up make a decision concerning what to do. He believes that restricted parking later in the afternoon is not necessary, but during school hours the parking restrictions should stay in affect. Chief Carr feels that S E H should do some additional traffic studies of the area to help make some decisions. Alderperson Koehler feels that a lot of time has been put into this and would like to see the committee get some options together for the council so they can make a decision. Chief Carr will contact them so we can proceed forward. Mayor Summerfield stated that he feels 24 hour no parking is too restrictive. Alderperson Meinen stated that he feels that the speed sign has helped slow down traffic.

Alderperson Koehler made a motion to approve Mayor Summerfield to attend the League of Municipalities of Fall Annual meeting on October 13-15, 2010 in Middleton and to change the council meeting from October 13, 2010 to October 11, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to approve subordination to an existing Housing Rehab loan for Carrie Woolever with the city. Alderperson Meinen seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Koehler made a motion to approve a temporary Class "B" picnic license for St. Paul's Booster Club for Polka Dinner Dance on October 16, 2010 as approved by Police Chief Carr. Alderperson Steinmetz seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Alderperson Hofmann made a motion to approve applications for licenses to serve fermented malt beverages & intoxicating liquors for the following listed below as approved by Police Chief Carr. Alderperson Koehler seconded the motion and all present voted aye.
Alin P. Bircham
Michelle A. Siegert
Peggy A. Stoffel
Roxanne J. Harrison
Tiffany N. Dinger


Mike Meindel, Street, Water & Sewer Administrator reported that we will need to start replacing equipment etc. at the sewage treatment plant from the equipment replacement/maintenance fund that has been put aside. The plant is 11 years old and things are starting to need to be replaced.

Police Chief Carr reported that Saturday, September 25, 2010 the Bloomer and Chippewa Falls Police Department will be having a prescription drug disposal at their police departments. The DEA is funding this nationwide.

Peter Paulson, Electric Administrator – was not present.


Alderperson Meinen – no comments.

Alderperson Hofmann – no comments.

Alderperson Steinmetz – no comments.

Alderperson Koehler – no comments.

Deputy Clerk LaGesse thanked the Council for allowing her to attend the Treasurer's Institute at UW Green Bay in July.


Mayor Summerfield questioned if anyone is interested in attending the joint meeting of Chippewa Valley Cities on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 hosted by Cornell. He also asked the Bloomer Advance to correct the previous article that eluded that Mayor Summerfield had replaced Brandi Ronnestrand with Sue Willi as Ambulance Administrative Assistant. This did not happen. Mayor Summerfield asked the council if they wanted Attorney Thiel to attend the Joint Meeting of the City of Bloomer, area Towns and Village on Monday, September 27, 2010. The council feels this is a good idea. Mayor Summerfield said that he would be having surgery the next day and would probably be out of the office until Monday, but could be contacted at home.

Alderperson Steinmetz made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Alderperson Koehler seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

Debora A. LaGesse
Deputy Clerk

  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
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